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Exclusive Horse Buyers Service

 Thank you for your interest in Montana Horses for Sale, where we feature the recreational, mountain trail and ranch horses, and foxhunting horses for sale from Montana Horses, Inc. at the Mantle Ranch in Three Forks, Montana.  We encourage you to browse our website to fully understand the quality and caliber of the horses we offer here, and the generations-old family of horsemen from which we are offering them.


Buying the right horses, screening and proving them, and then finding the right match of horse and rider requires a very specialized area of knowledge. Over the years, we've gotten pretty good at it. 

At this time, we are purchasing for our own string, and can do so for you, as well. Our horses sell fast!  As of summer season 2016, all of our sale horses have been sold and our entire lease string has been committed to summer leases.  SO, we are once again scouring the horse world we know so well, finding those illusive perfect horses for sale to grow our herd, supply our lease strings, and BUY FOR CLIENTS.  Take advantage of our network, our expertise, and let us purchase a horse for you.  It is as simple as placing an order, and you don't finalize your new horse purchase until he meets with our approval - AND YOURS.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS:  Call us at 406 285-3541 or email to discuss your needs.  Once we have talked, you decide to have us purchase your horse for you.  We complete a purchase agreement, and you send a down-payment of $2,500.  Then, we go to work.  Within 30 days (after May 1), we find, screen, buy, and try a horse that fits your description and that we feel is right for you. Then, you come to the ranch, spend a day riding with us and trying your new horse.  Providing you love him, you take him home.  Once home, you can have 7 days to preview him in your environment before making the final decision to transfer him into your ownership.  It really is as easy as that.     EXCLUSIVE_EQUINE_BUYER_AGENT_AGREEMENT.pdf
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When buying a horse, we want to be your LAST stop, not your first. At Montana Horses, we are committed to finding the right home for our wonderful horses and to serving our customers in a manner that is satisfying to them. 
There are many wonderful horses in this world, but these are OUR wonderful horses - and we're proud of them.  We want to help you find yours.

How much does a horse cost?: Our horses for sale sell for a minimum of $5000 and up to $15,000 depending upon their age, ability, and sex.  You will give us a budget, and we'll find the horse accordingly. Your $2500 down-payment is applied to the final purchase price.
Why 30 days?  We believe that the best way to try a horse after purchasing him is to get him home and turn him out for at least a week or two.  This allows the horse to rest from his journey, acclimate to new surroundings, and settle into his normal way of being.  Then, we pull the horse out and try him anew, putting him through the paces on the Ultimate Horse Course and ranch work over several uses and in several different disciplines. This is the most accurate way of determining his true nature.  Also, it allows sickness, lameness, or misbehavior (bucking, spooking, etc.) issues to surface and shows us how the horse is to catch/saddle/load/shoe and how s/he deals with other horses.
Who owns the horse?  To begin, we do.  We make the final commitment to the horse by buying him. So if we make a mistake, it is our risk, not yours.  Only after you have made the final approval and purchase do we transfer the horse from our name to yours.  You are purchasing a horse from Montana Horses and the Mantle Ranch. 
What kind of horse do we buy and sell?  We specialize in mountain trail horses, recreational western horses, kid horses, foxhunting field horses, and especially horses geared to the novice or beginning rider.  We will not buy horses under 7 years old and we do not deal in performance or speed horses.
What if you can't find a horse for me?  We can.  However; sometimes the right horse does not come along at the right time.  If we haven't found you a horse to try within 60 days, we will refund your money (we've never had to do this). 
What if I find my own horse?  Once we contractually commit to finding a horse for you and you commit to having us find that horse, there are no refunds.  If you want to hand the task of finding a horse over to someone else, this is the right choice for you.  If you want to continue to shop for horses on your own, it is not.  However; as a separate we are happy to screen a sale horse for you here at the ranch for $300 per ride.  

THANK YOU for your trust in us to help you find the right horse to buy for you or your family.  This is a commitment we do not take lightly.