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Foxhunting with Big Sky Hounds


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Masters: Renee Daniels-Mantle (email)
Marie Griffis (email)
Lori Dooley (email)

Huntsman: Renee Daniels-Mantle
Kennel Huntsman: Rial Pate
Whippers-In: Marie Griffis
Kennelman: Kasey Fallang
Field Master: Lori Dooley
Groom: Mary Kate Mallory

We are always looking for new volunteer staff members, so if you are interested, please let us know!

BSH in eCovertside!:  Going Home: Foxhunting's Universal Appeal by Renee Daniels-Mantle, MFH, Big Sky Hounds



Foxhunting Montana-Style


28-30, 2018
Contact Angela at RRH to reserve your place.

Join us as we enter our sixth season of foxhunting!
 Enjoy great company, phenomenal hounds, good horses, and gorgeous country. Newbies and juniors welcome! We're all learning about this fun and exciting sport and invite you to join in and help create our very own hunt right here. Just bring your sense of adventure, a good horse, and join us! We also have horses available for lease if you need them.
Please call or email with questions. You can use the Facebook event posting to coordinate rides, food, attendance, etc. See you
at the Meet!


Please join us to experience and learn about the thrill and excitement of the age-old sport of fox hunting. To hunt, all you really need are horses, hounds, country, quarry, and people int
erested in it. We are lucky to have it all, and we want to share the adventure with you.
Who can hunt? EVERYONE is welcome.
How much does it cost? - $75 capping fee ($45 for juniors and students or bring a big bag of dog food) or become a member.
What do we hunt?  We chase coyotes and occasionally fox.
What kind of hounds do we have? We have a seasoned pack of mostly Walkers that were graciously drafted from Red Rock Hounds in Reno, NV.  We currently hunt a pack of fifteen couple, and have two new litters of puppies we will enter next year.
When do we hunt? We hunt early-September to mid-April.  We hunt every week Wednesdays (also referred to as Wenchday Hunts) and Sundays. We also enjoy numerous special hunts like away meets, fox hunting with other hunt clubs, and holidays. See our event calendar for dates and times and watch for the monthly fixture card for locations..
What kind of rider do you need to be? We welcome all levels of riders, and can accommodate novices and juniors by providing a great guide to help enjoy the day. Usually, we have two fields, a fast first field that keeps up with the hounds, and
a slower second field (Hilltoppers) where beginners, green or out of shape or older horses, kids, and newbies are welcome. Sundays are usually slower hunting days and Wednesdays are not appropriate for novices or green horses.
What kind of horse should I ride? We recommend bringing a reliable, fit horse. The country is rough, shoes are necessary. In winter, we HIGHLY encourage sharp-shoes. If you need a horse for the day, contact us, we have horses for lease.            
What kind of riding? We usually ride at a walk, trot, and lope for about 3-5 hours.  If we encounter jumps, they can be avoided by going around to a gate. If the pace is too fast, you can always stay with the slower group.
What should I wear? Whatever you are most comfortable and safe wearing. Many ride Western and many ride English. Though we do not have a dress code, it's nice to wear what is appropriate.  Call Renee or check out the fixture card for more info on attire.  Function first, fashion later. We do reserve the color red or orange for staff members and those carrying radios.  We highly encourage you to enjoy the tradition of proper dress, and on Sundays and holidays we do encourage formal attire (ours is a bit unique, given that we ride western.)  Opening of formal season is October 27th.
What should I bring? On Sundays, we share a bite to eat at the Headwaters Ranch Clubhouse (complete with staffed bar) after any hunt from the kennels, called “hunt breakfast.” Check the event postings to determine whether it is a potluck or hosted breakfast and please bring something to eat to share.  On Wednesdays or at away meets, we brown bag or potluck tailgate.  Bring your own beverages Wednesdays.  A flask is often nice to have along, too.
Why? Because we love it! We’re hooked, our friends are hooked, and we’re pretty sure you will be too when you take the opportunity to try it! We have fallen in love with these great hounds, adore our horses, have made fantastic friends, and have been able to enjoy absolutely gorgeous country. 
Come ride with us! Join us in learning and experiencing the building of a hunt club!

I invite you all to enjoy for information about the sport of fox hunting in America.

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The Hunt Collection by Val Westover.