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Horses for Lease

Thank you all! For years, Montana Horses has continued a long tradition of leasing quality recreational trail horses across the mountain states.  The Mantle family has been in the horse business for almost a century and our name has become synonymous with quality, gentle, mountain trail horses.  We have several thousand of the finest recreational riding horses for lease and locations across the Northwest, so we have a horse for every type of rider or business.  Whether you are looking for a string of saddle or pack horses to supplement your operation, a few horses to take on a summer fishing trip, or one special horse to call your own while you spend time in Montana, we have quality PROVEN horses to suit your needs.  We are the largest and longest family operated horse leasing business in the Northwest and we have the best trail horses in the business.

The Mantle Ranch in Montana maintains a small, versatile, and highly professional string of exceptional horses for lease seasonally to small specialized operations, families, and individuals or by the trip for special events, summer trips, or rides and foxhunts.

Daily Rate (8am - 6pm) $175 - includes equipment if needed
                Picked up here for off ranch use only
                Delivery/Retrieval is an additional $3 per loaded mile (per load, not per horse). 
Trip Rate (3 - 14 days) $750 - includes shoes and equipment if needed
                Delivery/Retrieval is an additional $3 per loaded mile (per load, not per horse)
Seasonal (any time period over 14 days) $1200 per head
                Summer Season - May 1 - September 15 or Winter/ Foxhunting Season September 15 - May 1
                Shoes are an additional $125. Lessee is responsible for keeping horses shod through the season.
                Equipment is an additional $150 per set.
                Delivery/Pick-up is an additional $3 per loaded mile (per load, not per horse)
Full Year $2400

Horse Lease while Foxhunting with Big Sky Hounds - $125 per day with BSH membership at home. $250/day on Away and Joint Meets or Opening, Closing, and Holiday Meets.

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A completed contract, security deposit, and reservation down-payment is required to reserve a horse/s for lease.  Please email your request for a lease contract to or phone 406 285-3541 for more information or to to inquire about availability.

Thank you to all who have leased from us over the years. We sincerely appreciate your business. We encourage you to contact our family for your commercial seasonal horse rental needs in the West. in Wyoming and in Colorado.